MIT’s Coby Unger leads training of TCC-CIMET staff on smart manufacturing technologies

News | Published: 18th March 2024 Share Tweet

Associate instructor at the Hobby shop of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Coby Unger has been leading the training TCC-CIMET staff on the use of smart manufacturing technologies.

Mr. Unger shared his insights into the operations of the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.

TCC-CIMET is home to smart manufacturing technologies like CNC Milling and lathe machines. The Centre’s Technology Transfer and Production Unit (TTPU) located at Suame Magazine houses both machines.

CNC machines are used to operate tools such as drills, lathes, mills, grinders, routers and 3D printers. CNC transforms a piece of material into a specified shape through coded programmed instructions taking away the manual operator directly controlling the machine operation.

Coby and TCC-CIMET staff were involved in exposing artisans and students to smart manufacturing technologies during the World Engineering Day.

Director-General of TCC-CIMET, Prof. Francis Davis was optimistic, the training affirms TCC-CIMET’s focus on training the next generation experts.

“Our initiatives focus on training the next-generation of CAD/CAM professionals through expert-led curriculum and hands-on learning with industry-grade software like Fusion 360,” he said.

Prof. Davis hinted at plans to get more of these equipment for the sustainable manufacturing sector.

“To complement these skills, we are also forging partnerships to transfer pre-owned but fully functional CNC machines from developed markets at affordable prices. This will give small businesses and entrepreneurs access to technologies typically out of reach,” he said.

The Centre honoured Coby and Amy Smith also with the MIT with citations for their contributions towards the development of the Centre.