Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

The Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC) is deeply committed to fostering an environment that catalyzes technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Recognizing the power of innovation to accelerate economic growth and mitigate the impacts of climate change, TCC has established robust mechanisms for transforming academic research into practical, scalable solutions. Our mission is centered around harnessing scientific discoveries and technological advancements to address real-world challenges. We implement various technology transfer initiatives, ensuring that the fruits of our research are not confined to the laboratory, but rather, are integrated into society to drive sustainable development.

One of our flagship technology transfer initiatives is the large-scale manufacture of energy-efficient cookstoves. Designed with a keen eye on sustainability, these cookstoves are utilized in secondary schools across Ghana. They offer superior heat retention, cost-effectiveness, and minimal emissions, thus demonstrating our commitment to combating climate change and promoting a circular economy. This initiative exemplifies our approach to technology transfer, where we blend research, practical application, and environmental stewardship.

On the entrepreneurship front, TCC is dedicated to nurturing a new generation of technology-oriented entrepreneurs. We understand that entrepreneurship is a vital driver of economic growth and job creation. Therefore, we have established comprehensive entrepreneurship programmes that equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to develop and manage successful technology ventures. Our programmes emphasize innovation, strategic thinking, and sustainability, thus fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that can contribute significantly to economic prosperity.