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International Development and Enterpreneurship (IDE) Unit

This Unit focuses on collaborative work in International development and entrepreneurship training.

Drawing on its wide experiences in international development, the TCC recently founded the International Development Unit (IDU) to address regional technological challenges. Harnessing specialized knowledge and skills of local communities' practical needs and cultural expectations, the IDU coordinates the running of summer schools by working with international organizations to co‐develop sustainable technologies that meet local needs.

The unit has supported thirty five (35) KNUST students from various departments to join with about seventy (70) students from University of Pennsylvania, USA to participate in the International Development Summer Institute (IDSI) which takes place from mid-May to mid-June each year, since 2010.

The unit assisted in the organization of the training programme with Olin College, USA on new product design and business opportunity for 16 small enterprises in Kumasi.

While seeking to realize the objectives of Ghana's new National Youth Policy, which includes involving youth in productive activities for individual, community and national development. The unit works to find opportunities for university graduates to contribute to commercial manufacturing projects. By participating in this programme, recent graduates develop practical skills through hands‐on experience and build their professional capabilities. The programme involves students and recent graduates undertaking industrial attachments with local businesses and firms. Through these placements, students get real‐world experience and the small businesses benefit from having the services of a university trained engineer. The ultimate goal is that students and graduates who participate in the programme will become employable young professionals, with practical skills and the ability to work independently. This program is helping to develop the next generation of Ghanaian professionals working in the business and engineering sectors to support continuing national industrial development.

The unit assisted in the placement of sixty (60) students of College of Engineering who did their Vacation Training with small to medium scale enterprises in the Kumasi Suame Magazine and other locations in Kumasi.

Current Projects

  1. International Development Design Summit (IDDS) in which an international group of multi‐disciplinary professionals and students collaborate to co‐create technologies and enterprises that improve the lives of people living in poverty.
  2. Organizing training workshops and seminars.
  3. Developing a summer school for students from KNUST and international visiting students.
  4. Organizing engineering students’ competition.