Name Position Contact

Dr. Michael K Adjaloo


Director, Research Fellow, Head of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Development Unit (FAND) +233‐(0)‐3220‐60296 +233‐243‐136‐701
Peggy Oti‐Boateng Senior Research Fellow, Coordinator KNUST Technology Park +233‐(0)‐208152824 +233‐(0)‐322060296
Donald Amrago Research Fellow, Head of the Graduate Entrepreneurship Training and Youth Empowerment Unit (GET‐YE) +233‐(0)‐277888179 +233‐(0)‐322062081
Dr. George Y Obeng

Senior Research Fellow



Michael Commeh Research Fellow, Head of Applied Industrial Ceramics and Rural Enterprise Development Unit (AIC‐RED) +233‐(0)‐244794187

John Quansah


Research Fellow +233‐(0)‐208186132
Crossman Hormenoo Head of Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU) +233‐(0)‐244502973

Kyeb Anselm


Technician +233‐(0)‐208519384
Wilhelmina Bansah Technician 233‐(0)‐266617165 +233‐(0)‐242350313 +233‐(0)‐275817509 +233‐(0)‐201723364
James Dzidzornu Assistant Technician +233(0)247987713+233(0)247987713
Kenneth Donkor Principal Research Assistant



Margaret Owusu Technician +233(0)241145332+233(0)241145332
Cecilia Turkson Administrative Assistant



J.A Donkor Principal Technician +233(0)243763272+233(0)243763272, +233(0)20765454314


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