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Collaborations at TCC

International Collaborations at TCC

  1. The Royal Academy of Engineering, UK
  2. The University of Pennsylvania, USA under their Health and Culture Development Programme (UPenn Abroad)
  3. The University of Pennsylvania-UPENN, USA (International Development Summer Institute-Africa Program IDSI-AP)
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT, USA  (International Development Design Summit, IDDS)
  5. Olin College, Babson College, Boston, Massachusetts, USA  (Affordable Design Entrepreneurship)
  6. SAP AG, Walldrof, Germany (Shea Butter Project)
  7. Food and Agriculture Organization- FAO (Apiculture Development in Ghana)
  8. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit -GIZ  (Apiculture Development in Ghana) 
  9. World Bank/Government of Malawi Project


National Collaborations

  1. The UNDP and the Energy Commission of Ghana
  2. Desert Lion Internationa, Kumasi
  3. Denco Foundry, Accra
  4. Springs and Bolts, Kumasi
  5. The Skills Development Fund (SDF), Accra
  6. The Rural Enterprises Programme of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Accra, Ghana
  7. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Accra (Community Needs Assessment Work)
  8. Ghana Private Sector Development Facility-GPSDF of MOTI, Accra (Needs Assessment of Metalwork and Agricultural Mechanization Clusters in Kumasi )
  9. Ghana Jatropha Research Project Ghana (In collaboration with New Energy, Tamale; Savannah Agriculture Research Institute-SARI, Nyankpala; Ministry of Food and Agriculture-MOFA, Tamale)
  10. Millennium Development Authority Mida Project (MIDA)
  11. Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Service (GRATIS)
  12.  IBIS-TEK LTD, Accra (KNUST Technology Park)
  13. Abellon Clean Energy Ltd
  14. Knight Piesold co. Ltd


University Collaborations

  1. The Energy Center (TEC), KNUST
  2. Centre for Business Development (CBD), KNUST
  3. Bureau of Integrated Rural Development (BIRD), KNUST
  4. Departments in the College of Engineering and other KNUST departments